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- Jeff Louck of Davenport, Iowa

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Convection Information from Suburban Construction

What is Convection?

Convection: a way energy transfers through glass . Especially in northern central climates, warmer air reacts with the cool inside pane of your windows. The air is cooled and becomes more dense. This chilled air then drops to the floor and is immediately replaced by more warm air. It may feel like a cold draft coming from your windows, but it is not.

What can you Do About This?

When this occurs many people turn up the heat on their thermostat. Sometimes, drastic changes in your energy use occur. Even a 1-degree increase in temperature can increase your energy use by 2 percent. The best alternative: updating to windows designed to cut down on this convection process.

What Features Do I Look For?

When looking for a new window to save energy and cut down on convection, there are a few things to look for:

1.) Glass containing multiple glazing
2.) Glass containing gas fillers
3.) Warm edge spacers
4.) Thermally resistant frame

  • These features can help to raise interior glass temperature, slow convection, and improve the overall comfort of your home.