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The Basics: Installing an Egress Window

What is an egress window?

An egress window is a window specifically designed as an alternate exit, commonly found below ground level of residential structures. 

The following video appeared on KWQC TV6's Paula Sands Live and features Suburban Construction staff and customers:


Why should I have a window installed in the basement?

If one doesn’t already exist, code requires an egress window installation when finishing a basement. This provides residents with another exit in case of emergency. More benefits include the addition of natural light and increased property value.

Installation procedure:


  • A well is dug by hand alongside a foundation.
  • A hole is cut in the foundation of the house. Note: Not all foundations will be suited for the addition of an egress window.
  • A user-friendly, lockable window is installed in the foundation.
  • The well is lined, and ladder is installed.
  • The well is covered with a metal grate and plastic cover.

For more information about egress windows, please see our product page here.
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