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Decorative Glass: Should I put grids in my windows?

By JR Girskis

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Decorative glass does not have to be as elaborate as the stained and etched glass in a church - nor does it have to be expensive. Gridded windows are a traditional look that is making a comeback. Read on to learn about some of the options and advantages of gridded windows.

True Divided Lite vs. Simulated Divided Windows

True divided lite windows are an updated version of the traditional design of windows. Before modern glass technology, windows were constructed from smaller, individual panes of glass instead of one large pane of glass.

Older divided windows are often inefficient, allowing drafts in and heat gain and loss through the seams. Today’s windows address this issue, using more modern sealants and double-paned glass to provide superior insulation.

Simulated gridded windows have the same appearance as a true divided lite window, but are actually constructed out of a single pane of glass with a grid either attached or placed between the glass.

Advantages of True Divided Lite Windows

  • More Traditional Looks
  • High Curb Appeal
  • Increase Market Value of Home

Advantages of Simulated Divided Windows

  • Much more affordable than a true divided lite window
  • Grille patterns attached to the outside can be detached for easier cleaning or repainting
  • Insulation value is not affected by inserting a grille between the panes of glass
  • Detachable grilles can be added to an existing window by ordering a grille from the manufacturer after installation

Interior Grid Options

One of the main advantages of interior grids is the sheer amount of choice. Custom grid designs can add an especially decorative look that goes beyond the traditional square pattern. Some grid designs available:



Classic Double Prairie

Colonial White

Contoured White

Colonial Beige

Contoured Beige

Narrow Brass

Contoured Cherry

Contoured Light Oak

Contoured Dark Oak

Adding a grid between the panes of glass in any window is a cost-effective method for adding a decorative touch without compromising insulation value. Consult with your local home improvement company to see which options suit your home.

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